Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween 2010


Halloween's just around the corner and I've not done anything yet...
Wanted to create another Haunted House so that people will have fun being scared & made to cry. Hehehee...!

But... no worries folks! Next year 2011 will be done.

We are gonna create the scariest, badest & meanest of Haunted Houses for your pleasure..! But of course, you'll have to pay for it lah....!!
Besides being locally done, there are gonna be some coming from America & UK.

They are equally excited to be coming here in Malaysia as they've never step out of their comfort zone b4.
Soooo..... looking forward to Halloween 2011.

Be warned & be ready to be scared...!!!
We are not letting you get away so easily...


Monday, July 26, 2010

My Fun Blog

Thanks to Suliana of .... My Costumes are up! Not forgetting the bugging I get from Debbie that finally got it done. heheheheee.......
At Poppy Costumes, I only make costumes for 'sale'. Be it a child or an adult.
I also take orders of Masks, Wigs, Hat, etc.. & etc.....
Here's hoping that everyone will enjoy my blog & for any orders please do enquire in "ADVANCE"...!!
Next time I'll blog about myself.... If you wanna listen la.....!


Hello all of you out there..

Hello all of you out there..
Welcome us the "Poppy Costumes" to the online business world.

Here we have costumes for sale and design custom made costumes to suit any of your occassions. We too have accessories like Masks, Wigs, Hats, etc.... (upon availability).

Not only that.. We also do decos at venues according to your theme.